Autumn On The Allotment

When the rain is lashing on the windows and the wind is howling there’s something almost primeval about huddling in the shed with the camping stove switched on full, eagerly anticipating the whistle of the kettle and a taste of a  well earned hot brew.20180921_145535.jpg

I get pleasure down at my plot whatever the weather and today it was huddling over my Doctor Hessayon Vegetable Expert book debating when the exciting task of lifting the first ever home grown celeriac will be.  It’s been a long slog of a summer with the drought conditions and what celeriac really needs is lots and lots of water. Hopefully all the graft will have paid off  because by the looks of things there’s 17 decent sized ones to enjoy roasted, mashed and in soups. After much deliberation and conflabbing with hubby I have decided to wait another week as Dr Hessayon says to begin  harvesting at  the end of September. Dr Hessayon Expert books are fantastic simple to follow gardening books, the only ones I ever use and are so well laid out anyone can follow them.20180921_150048

20180921_144931Between showers I run in and out of the shed collecting a bucketful of goodies to keep us fed for a week. My mind is always thinking of recipes, There’s loads of outdoor tomatoes this week so I will be creating some sort of ketchup for the burgers my family love to eat of a Friday night. I do find myself getting giddy and carried away with my recipe ideas for culinary treats I am going to make and I often stroll round my plot nibbling on this and that  thinking on what I can concoct. Some of the surplus veggies and culinary creations are given out as impromptu gifts to family and friends too. Not sure they realise how much pleasure I get from bringing them a few homegrown treats but hopefully my surplus brings a smile to them too.20180921_145244.jpg

I love Autumn, although there is a tinge of sadness that the allotment is past it’s best and the nights are closing in. With pantry shelves full of preserves and a freezer bulging with fruit and blanched veg I feel proud and also excited when I look at the veg that is still in the ground for winter harvest. I know it saves me a fortune because I make all meals from scratch and I make tonnes of soups too for the freezer. But I don’t do it just because of cost,it just tastes so fantastic and I love being in touch with where my food comes from.20180921_144849.jpg

So as things start quietening down and the growing season for this year is drawing to a close there’s a bit of my brain thinking of next year. I will buy some garlic for Autumn planting. I will feed those spring cabbages planted last month and only  16 weeks until I will be able to buy seed potatoes and onion sets for next year. Yippee..I’m much more excited about that than Christmas . Happy days .20180921_144759.jpg

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    1. Thanks and glad you enjoyed reading as I have your blog. 🙂


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