Baking Days

Wet and miserable days make me want to bake. It must stem from my childhood because on winter weekends mum and I would often get the mixing bowls out and bake. Perusing the Be-Ro baking book deciding what to create , the delight of licking the bowl ,and tadddah two hours later we would have turned out a wonderful selection of bakes to eat through the week in our school pack ups.CE57A5A3-B732-46EF-BA90-2AA6FFB0F79C

My grandma was an excellent baker as was my great grandmother , a skill brought about from the necessity to feed a brood of hungry kids on very little money. I still make their recipes and treasure them , they have been passed down the generations and when I taste the family bakes it’s like I am tasting history.12632541-0FFF-487D-A4FA-643D2655DC79

I know baking is in my blood, it just comes naturally. I have a cake baking day about once a month, if I don’t I get a strange yearning to do it, it’s like there’s something missing from my life when I don’t bake. All the delicious treats are then squirrelled away in the freezer unless it’s a parkin or a fruit cake which are wrapped and hidden away from greedy hubby and kids.We would eat far too many at a time if I left them within easy reach. So I just get out what we need as and when for butty boxes or teatime treats. Cake and biscuits are fine if you eat them in moderation and I would much rather eat a cake I’ve made myself  than supermarket or even bakery bought, primarily because I know exactly what’s in it, I don’t want artificial flavours and preservatives going into my body. Its so much cheaper to make your own too.

EC0573DD-10D2-4670-821A-23F87456D6E6The only book I really need for baking alongside family recipes is The Be-Ro Baking book, a cheap little baking book that has stood the test of time with it’s simple,uncomplicated easy to follow recipes, I have several some of which are extremely tatty and worn pages stuck together and stained with years of use. The ingredients in The Be-Ro book are readily available in supermarkets and are inexpensive and affordable to all. I buy a few staple baking ingredients and along with homemade jams I can cook a whole range of bakes.


So that’s it , I decide on the bakes I’m going to produce and I get stuck in. I put the radio on and loose myself in my cooking and as I line up the finished bakes I think of past generations and relish how nostalgic and creative  it makes me feel. On a wet day have a go and keep the wonderful traditional skill of home baking in your families for generations to come.

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  1. Anita says:

    Absolutely love this, very exciting to see what you are going to do next!

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  2. Mark says:

    Brilliant, inspiring and interesting could just do with a bakewell and a brew now……

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  3. I think I need to start doing a once a month cake day. That sounds great!!

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